feather and tag necklace

lux & luz

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Our feather and tag necklace is one of our latest additions to our 'double' collection. A beautiful necklace with two pendants, 1 tag and 1 feather. You can personalize the tag by letting us know what you want to see stamped on it and in what font. This way you'll get a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry which you will be able to enjoy a lifetime.

The tag is 0,6 cm wide and 2,7 cm tall. The feather is 1,7 cm.

Our necklaces have two extra jumprings. A surefire way to know that this beauty will hang just right.

Shipping time for this necklace is 5 working days at most. We will always try to send it sooner.

We have plenty more where that came from, click here for an overview of all of our beautiful pieces!


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